3 Warning Signs That Your Brick Pavers Need Repairs in Troy, MI

Brick pavers can hold a ton of weight and endure severe weather on a daily basis. However, they may need a little tender love and care every once in a while. After all, they’re not indestructible. Just like everything else, brick pavers can show signs of wear and tear.

It’s important to take note of these signs so that any existing damage will not escalate even further. Doing so will save you from future expensive repair costs and also help the structure last longer. If you notice any of these signs, then it might be time to have a hardscape professional in southeast Michigan take a look at it.

Shifting or Movement

If you notice any movement or shifting when you walk on your pavers, this may be a sign of issues with the base. Brick pavers are supposed to fit together tight, so there shouldn’t be any kind of shifting or movement.

Movement of the pavers can be caused by soil shifting which happens if the base is not laid properly. Over time, the dirt can settle unevenly which can cause the brick pavers above to move around as well.

Having the base corrected will be the best route to take, tackling the root cause of the shifting. The installation of a proper base ensures longevity as well as a sturdy walking surface. By starting all over, your pavers can last much longer and ultimately provide much better function.

Uneven Surfaces 

Uneven surfaces are usually the result of sinking. If your pavers have begun to sink, it’s best to look into getting it taken care of as soon as possible as this is also a safety hazard.

Have an expert take a look at the structure to determine what kind of repairs or replacement might be needed. But don’t worry, calling in professional help is simple. There are even companies such as AVC Hardscape Michigan that can provide you with a free quote to eliminate any surprises.


Although brick pavers are extremely tough, they’re not impervious to everything. Dropping heavy objects is sure to cause cracks, as well as constantly driving and walking on them when they aren’t leveled.

If you spot any cracks, be sure to keep an eye out as this is cause for concern. The extent of the damage may not look like a big deal, but these cracks can widen and get worse. It’s best to take care of these hairline cracks before that happens.

Don’t ignore warning signs with your brick pavers. It’s always best to be proactive especially when dealing with your home, your investments, and your peace of mind. If you’ve spotted any of these signs with your brick pavers, it’s best to call in the professionals.

For More Information on Brick Paver Repair in the Troy, MI Area

AVC Services II, Inc. can take care of repairs as well as new installations and maintenance for brick paver structures. With years of experience providing reliable services, you can expect nothing short of long-lasting top quality results. Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your paver repair or new project in the Troy, MI area.