What to Consider Before Starting a Outdoor Living Space Project in Rochester Hills, MI

Rochester Hills Outdoor Living SpaceAdding hardscapes is a beautiful way to incorporate more appealing choices to your outdoor living space. It is important to understand what elements you can include in your space based on what you have. Here are a few suggestions from our experts on what you should keep in mind.


For any outdoor living space project in Rochester Hills, you must always consider what space you have available. After all, the design will depend on the dimensions of that space. Space will also play a part in what activities you can enjoy in the outdoor living space and how much it will cost to achieve what you envision.

To make sure you get the most value from your project, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional local hardscape contractor. They can offer recommendations that will fit your budget while also making the most of the space you have.


Creating an outdoor living space isn’t just about what you can see. There are also the hidden elements that help keep the space functional. One of those elements is proper drainage.

Always make sure you plan for drainage especially if you’re going to create a wall or a patio that has an interlocking stone paving system. Pavers can allow for drainage but the water still has to go somewhere. Here’s where professional help comes in. Their design expertise will take things like drainage into account so you won’t have a patio that floods when it rains.

Focal Points

When creating a new design, always consider what you want to be the focal point. This is the area where all eyes are drawn. When guests come to your home and they step out into your yard, where do you want their focus to go? Some people want to have certain plants or flowers incorporated into a special garden bed or planter box. Others want a hidden rose garden. Some want a water feature, and others might picture blooming vines growing all the way up a retaining wall. Other homeowners want a fire pit and seating arrangement to be the focal point of their new outdoor space.

Whatever it is, make sure that you know what you want in terms of design before you begin setting up the rest of the hardscape elements.


You can always mix your hardscape design with landscape options, in fact, it’s recommended. Flowers and other plants can make your outdoor living space more vibrant and lively.

Adding a little bit of plant life around the pool or backyard deck can make it more pleasing to the eyes. You also get the bonus of having beautiful aroma in the air whenever you step outside.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that it complements your surroundings naturally. Your outdoor living space design should always promote healthy continuation from your home into the yard. It should always coordinate well with the color schemes in your property.

For More Information on Rochester Hills Outdoor Living Spaces

Now that you have a better idea for the improvements for your home in Rochester Hills, you’re going to need some help to bring them to reality. For that, talk to AVC Services II, Inc. Their professional outdoor living space team is always ready to lend you a hand.