Paver Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

Paver lighting is becoming steadily more popular among property owners. It can drastically increase the aesthetic appeal of the whole area. It even creates a unique and functional outdoor area that makes an overall softer look, unlike overhead lights. It has countless benefits that make them popular among residential, commercial, and public areas.

They can be installed directly into any concrete paver and come in many different colors. They can delineate and color wash the landscape around you. Paver lighting accentuates the tones of wood decks, architectural characteristics, natural surroundings, and step materials.

Application of Paver Lights

Paver lights can be installed in many different hardscape elements. They aren’t limited to horizontal fixtures but rest comfortably in vertical structures as well. Some residential applications include:

  • driveways fountains
  • walkways
  • stairways
  • patios
  • pool areas
  • terraces
  • decks
  • entrances
  • columns
  • archways

Some commercial applications include:

  • driveways
  • shopping malls
  • public parks
  • office buildings
  • school grounds
  • parking lots
  • roadways
  • facades
  • sidewalks

Flexible and Versatile

Property owners can easily change the lens of the lamp modules to a more suitable color palette. This allows owners to play around with paver lighting colors before finding the perfect color scheme. This also makes holiday décor more fun since colors can be changed when Halloween or Christmas arrives.

They can also be used for different appliances and provide stunning effects. If you already have existing indoor or outdoor structures or pavements, you can easily add paver lights to them.


When it comes to outdoor lighting, paver lights are very economical and environmentally friendly. They run on a low 12 volts and consume only 2 to 7 watts per unit which is very cost effective. If you invest in solar powered options than that is even better since there are no energy costs.


Paver lighting can withstand a lot of things without needing repair or replacement. Even if they are surrounded by water fixtures or exposed to heavy rain, they can stay intact. They are also completely sealed so they remain unaffected by weed or corrosion. They also do not crack if there is foot traffic on them. They can last up to a decade without needing replacement or repair. They don’t need any maintenance at all so there are no such added costs.


They come in universal sizes that can rest securely in any standard 2-8 inch thick concrete pavers. They can be installed into the ground with a core drill quite easily. They can even be installed into old pavements and driveways without any mess.


They are one of the safest lighting designs for a landscape. They have sturdy and durable materials and use low voltage electricity that can’t harm anyone. They are UV protected, scratch resistant, maintenance free, and waterproof.

Enhancing your landscape is really easy with paver lights. They provide an inexpensive way to give your whole property an aesthetically pleasing visual.

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