Outdoor Fire Pit and Fireplace Considerations

Having an outdoor fire pit or fireplace installed is a great way to spend more time outside, find excuses to relax, and host more parties with family and friends. They can add value to your property and increase your livable square footage, especially if paired with a patio. However, it is important that you take the time to review your options and make sure you are designing the outdoor fire pit or fireplace that works for your property and your family.

Before you begin planning your new Outdoor Fire Pit hardscape structure, here are some considerations to take into account:

Usage and Needs

Begin by asking yourself, “How do I want to use this living space in my yard and the new Utica outdoor fire pit or fireplace? Is it for quiet, intimate evenings, or for large parties? What is the intended purpose of this feature?” These are good starting points to ask yourself to determine the best way to incorporate a fire pit or fireplace in your yard that will give you what you want. Additional things to consider are how much you’re willing to spend, how much maintenance you are willing to perform, if you want natural or faux wood, will a family with young children be around it, and the style you are most attracted to. It is recommended to look in magazines and even on Pinterest for ideas on design, layout, and materials.

DIY Vs. Professionally Installed

A basic outdoor fire pit can be created by someone who is minimally capable of DIY projects such as this. It is possible to find simple methods for constructing an outdoor fire pit, however, it may lack in style and uniqueness. A higher end fire pit or a fireplace will require a professional hardscape contractor because the project can be very labor intensive and requires a detail-oriented mind. If you’d like a fire pit that is more stylish than simple layered rock constructions, or you would prefer an elegant fireplace, we recommend hiring a professional landscape designer who provides custom stonework services.

Professional Hardscape Designer Qualities

When you are looking for a professional landscape designer and hardscape contractor, you want to find someone whose qualifications matches your goals. Ask for photos of similar projects, and read customer testimonials on their website. You should expect the chosen contractor to walk the actual site with you prior to them creating a design concept. This will provide solid answers to their pre-installation questions regarding you, your family, your home, and the site. Additional things to look for but aren’t a necessity are good standing with the Better Business Bureau, evidence of lots of experience, and photos or actual jobs you can see and observe their quality for yourself.

Have more questions regarding a fireplace or fire pit or, are you ready to begin working with a reputable hardscape designer? Contact AVC Services in Harrison Township, Michigan today for help designing your ideal outdoor fire pit or fireplace.