What You Need to Know About Brick Paver Patio Repairs

Brick Paver Patio Repair - Harrison Twp., MIOver time, brick paved patios can start to show their age. When that happens, you may find yourself wanting a new lease on life for your poor patio. It may be starting to let weeds through, be uneven, have empty joints or loose pavers, and it might just need a good cleaning. Luckily, there are many things that can be done to re-vamp your patio.

DIY solutions can leave a lot to be desired, with power washers leaving streaky lines and replacement pavers not matching up. However, as tempting as it might be to DIY, something is often sacrificed for the desired cost savings, like a quality repair job or the aesthetic. Call the professionals and learn more about what goes into a brick paver patio repair job in the meantime.

What’s the Cause?

Loose or moving patio can be dangerous. If your paver patio is wobbly in some areas, it may need to be re-bedded, but you’ll also need to know the cause of the movement. If you simply packed mortar into the joint and hoped it would stop the wobbling, that would be a total waste of time – the problem often lies deeper.

The cause of the loose pavers may be that the wrong kind of base material was used, the foundation is simply insufficient, or the edges were improperly restrained. It may simply be that it has been a long time since the patio was laid, and it’s time for a good general clean and repair.

To properly fix the issue, the cause of movement will need to be thoroughly investigated by a professional before any work is done.

What Will Happen During the Repairs?

The patio paving will be assessed to find out what the main pain points are. After this, there’s a likelihood that the paving will need to be re-bedded. If that’s the case, the brick pavers will be lifted and stacked close by so that they can be reused. If there are any brick pavers that are too damaged, they will be discarded and replaced by new ones that match the rest.

Then, the exposed bedding layer will be rectified, ready for the brick pavers to be re-laid. Once that’s done, the whole area will be professionally cleaned, leaving no trace that there was any damage in the first place.

How You Can Maintain Your Patio

After the work is done, there are a couple of very simple things to do to ensure your patio stays looking and acting new.

Firstly, clean the patio to remove any debris, but skip renting a pressure washer as it can leave streaks. A hose and an attachment will do just fine to remove the majority of dirt and grime.

Secondly, sweep your patio regularly, preferably before it rains, to keep any dirt and grime from getting stuck. Dirt and leaves can leave stains when they get wet, so try to beat the rain and sweep them away.

Have a Brick Paver Patio That Needs A Repair in the Harrison Twp., MI Area?

Repairing your brick paver patio might seem like a pretty big job, but it’s actually quite simple when left to the professionals. You can be sure it’s done right the first time with the help of the experts at AVC Services II, Inc.. When it comes to attention to detail, positive attitudes, and quality of work, our crew simply can’t be beat! Give us a call today to schedule an estimate at 248-648-5899.