The art of masonry is just that, it is a lost art.

The AVC Detroit way is the old school way; built to last your family for a lifetime. Footings with proper sized rebar is the first and most important part of a long lasting masonry project. Footings need to be at least 42″ deep due to Michigan extreme cold climate from winters, this ensures that frost will not push up and buckle the beautiful work you see. At AVC Detroit we understand that and we will never compromise your project to save money.

Next we use and tie in concrete masonry units and fill those units and set out mortar and design your brick, cultured stone and anything in between.

If you are thinking of having your home re-bricked, to a new fireplace, wing and accent walls to mailboxes and pillars, let our experienced sales staff give you some ideas and budgets.

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Built to last your family for a lifetime.