Maintaining Your Outdoor Living Space

There’s no place like home after a long day at work, especially if your home includes a great outdoor living space.  If you took the plunge and renovated your yard with hardscape elements like a brick paver patio or an outdoor kitchen, you probably know first hand how relaxing it can be to sit outside and enjoy your own private getaway.

But what if as time goes by, you start noticing small things in your private getaway that need to be repaired?  Even the most beautifully built outdoor living space needs regular repairs to maintain that look you worked so hard to achieve.  Instead of letting those repairs or maintenance mar your relaxation experience, call your trusted hardscaping contractors to help you with regular maintenance.

Common Elements of Outdoor Living Spaces

So what maintenance goes into each element of your outdoor living space?  While no two outdoor livings spaces are exactly the same, as each is custom designed to fit your needs, there are a few common elements that people often choose for their outdoor living spaces.

Here are three common elements to outdoor living spaces and the maintenance that may be associated with them.

  • Brick Paver Patio. There’s something about a brick paver patio that many homeowners love.  Whether it’s the classy look, durability, or the ability to customize each patio, brick paver patios are a popular addition to many outdoor living spaces. Maintaining your brick paver patio is a simple process that involves having a sealant placed every two years to protect your brick pavers.  Sealant acts as a guard against stains and protects the color of your brick pavers from fading.  Any spills or stains can be cleaned by routinely pressure washing your brick pavers.
  • Retaining Walls. Another common element that people choose for their outdoor living space are retaining walls.  Retaining walls are both practical, as they hold back soil from slopes or hills, and fun, because they allow you to add layers to your home and garden.  Over time retaining walls may need to be re-leveled as the soil shifts at the top of your retaining wall.  This is a simple maintenance task that can restore your retaining wall to its previous glory.
  • Outdoor Kitchen. Many people choose to have an outdoor kitchen installed for their outdoor living space.  Cooking outside is a fun and relaxing experience that can tie an outdoor living space together.  Over time damaged brick pavers may need to be replaced.  The good news is that a damaged brick paver doesn’t mean that your entire kitchen needs to be dismantled.  The damaged area can simply be replaced without fear of the replacement not matching the other brick pavers.  Another maintenance task that many people choose to invest in is having their outdoor kitchen professionally washed and sanitized to provide a clean cooking environment.

Don’t Put off Repairs or Maintenance

The truth is, there are so many elements to outdoor living spaces it can hard to know where to start with the maintenance for them!  Here at AVC Services, we not only help you design and install your outdoor living spaces, we help maintain them as well.  If your outdoor living space is overdue for routine maintenance, stop putting it off!  Instead, give us a call today at (248) 648-5899 to help keep your living space as good as it looked the first day you got it!