Maintaining Your Bloomfield Hills Hardscape This Fall

Fall is upon us and with the changing weather comes the need to finish any maintenance before winter hits. Since Michigan winters can be though, it’s important to have repairs and maintenance done to protect your hardscape before the harsh weather hits. The good news is that the brick pavers and cultured stone that are found in many hardscaping elements are very durable. This means that maintaining the hardscape in your Bloomfield Hills yard can be a simple project that yields great results!

The First Step

The first step for any fall hardscape maintenance is to have a professional inspect your yard. Professionals can catch issues or repairs that an unpracticed eye might miss. By being proactive about required maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan of your hardscape. There are three main things that your professional hardscaping company will look for.

Debris That is Piled on Hardscape

Michigan fall means leaves changing color and eventually falling off. While leaves can look pretty, letting those leaves decompose can cause problems down the line. Piled debris, like leaves, can potentially stain the surface of your hardscape if left to deteriorate.

A lesser known fact about leaves that are left to rot is that they can carry diseases that can harm the plants surrounding your hardscape. The most common type of disease caused by stagnant leaves is the anthracnose fungus. This fungus can be spread from rotting leaves through the rain and wind to the surrounding plants.

Uneven or Loose Brick Pavers

Brick pavers that are uneven or loose can potentially cause fall risks or damaged brick pavers. In order to correct loose brick pavers, polymeric sand is used to hold brick pavers in place. In some instances, weeds will grow in between brick pavers and need to be removed. After all the weeds are removed, polymeric sand is added to ensure that those weeds don’t return again in the spring.

Your Hardscape is Dirty or Fading

Often the most important maintenance is the most simple. One of the biggest things that your hardscape contractors will watch for is dirty or fading hardscape. In that case, the structure will need to be pressure washed to bring it back to its previous glory. Pressure washing can help remove grime and stains from the surface of your hardscaping elements. If the color of your brick pavers is fading, it may need to be resealed. Sealant not only protects your hardscape from stains and damage but can also include color tints to restore the color of your structure.

Schedule Fall Maintenance Now

Fall is the perfect time to ensure that your hardscaping elements are set for the harsh winter months again. By scheduling maintenance now, you can help protect and repair the hardscaping in your yard from potential damage down the line. If you’re ready to get your Bloomfield Hills yard prepared for winter, don’t wait. Get started this fall and give AVC Services Inc, a call today at (248) 648-5899!