Great Options for Your Outdoor Kitchen Counter Tops in Grosse Pointe Shores

Grosse Ponte Shores Outdoor Living Space -Kitchen Counter TopsCreating a beautiful outdoor kitchen in Grosse Pointe Shores is easy to do when you create your outdoor living space using brick or stone pavers. These materials are durable and look beautiful for many, many years. However, we generally don’t recommend these materials for the counter tops of your outdoor kitchen, or other counter top features in outdoor living spaces. Just like inside your home, there are materials that are much better for counter tops than the materials that we create your base with. If you are thinking about creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen in your Grosse Pointe Shores backyard, here are some counter-top material suggestions that we think are great.


Granite is always a great choice for counter tops whether they are in your interior kitchen or your outdoor living space kitchen. Granite comes in so many colors that it is easy to match with any paver or stone material that you have selected for your outdoor kitchen and living space. The other nice thing about granite is that it stands up to weather well and can handle the freeze and thaw cycles of a hard Michigan winter. One thing to remember about granite, or any of the hard counter top options, is that glasses and porcelain dishes won’t handle being dropped on granite. So some extra care is necessary when working with glassware around granite counter tops.


Marble is another popular choice for counter tops both inside and outside the home. This material is clean and generally comes in lighter shades of cream, grey, white and pink. Because of the limited color options with marble, it may not be a great choice if your outdoor kitchen uses pavers that are dark. Marble is not as durable in the weather as granite and you need to make sure that you avoid having sitting water on your outdoor counter tops. Marble is a softer material so it can break and crack easily, so be careful about setting hot plates or dropping heavy objects on this counter top material.


Tile is a nice option for counter tops in your outdoor living space because they are easy to install, can coordinate with just about any brick or stone paver, and are fairly durable. One of the great things about installing tile counter tops is that if you damage one tile, it is fairly easy to replace, without taking out the entire counter top. A disadvantage to using tile? It’s not a smooth surface, so you need to be mindful of how you set glasses, especially stemware since it may tip and fall.


Sealed concrete is becoming a very popular option for both interior and exterior counter tops. There are a variety of reasons that concrete counter tops are a good option. First, concrete is very durable. Concrete doesn’t chip easily and is made to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Second, it’s very sanitary. Sealed concrete is not porous, so you can do all of your food prep, including chopping, directly on the counter top. Third, it is a nice smooth surface so you won’t have to worry about off balanced stemware taking a tumble. Now, concrete isn’t the ideal counter top for every outdoor or indoor kitchen for that matter. We think it fits best with more modern style kitchens. And, even though concrete can be stained, your color options are still limited, so it may be hard to coordinate with some brick or stone.

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Installing an outdoor kitchen for your Grosse Pointe Shores home’s outdoor living area is a great way to make your backyard inviting and the place where you will love spending your summers. If you are ready to create a beautiful outdoor space, let AVC Services help you with every detail from brick and stone pavers, to counter tops to beautiful custom gunite pools and water features. To schedule an estimate for an outdoor living space / custom outdoor kitchen in the Grosse Pointe Shores area, please contact us today at (248) 648-5891.