A Complete Gunite Pool Installation in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan

Grosse Point Shores Custom Gunite Pool Design & InstallationInstalling a gunite pool in your Grosse Pointe Shores backyard is a great way to make your home the ideal place to spend your summer. A beautiful pool space can turn your backyard into an island paradise. So, it never makes sense to us when a client wants to install a pool, but not install great pool decking to go with it. A beautiful paver pool deck not only helps to protect your gunite pool surface, but it also gives you a great place to put chairs and relax around the pool when you aren’t swimming. If you are ready for a new pool, here is why you need to consider installing a paver pool deck at the same time you install your new gunite pool in Grosse Pointe Shores.

They Work Together

When you install a pool, whether it is a gunite pool or not, your pool deck is an important part of the puzzle when it comes to protecting the edge of your pool. For clients that do not wish to install a paver pool deck when they install their pool, we do suggest at least a border of pavers or stone along the edge of the pool, to help support and protect the pool structure. Covering the pool edge will keep water from seeping behind it, and will protect it from wear and tear and unintentional damage. When you install a paver pool deck, you get extra protection and more surface to tie your gunite pool into. This gives substantially more support to your new pool and will protect the gunite surface better.

Create an Easy Hang Out

There is nothing that residents of Grosse Pointe Shores love more than hanging out poolside. Creating a beautiful paver patio around your new gunite pool gives you the perfect place to pull up a chair and relax during the summer. Pavers are a great option for your pool deck, too, because you don’t have to worry about them getting hot, like with other patio materials such as wood and concrete. Keeping your pool area cool and inviting will make it the perfect place to spend your whole summer.


Building a pool in the middle of your yard is a great idea, until someone slips on wet grass. Pools are inherently dangerous and many home insurance claims in the summer are swimming-related in a pool. So when you are ready to install your pool, make your pool area safer by also installing a paver pool deck. Pavers are the perfect material for pool decking because not only do they easily tie in with your gunite pool surface, but they are also cool on your feet and because all pavers have some texture, they keep the area around your pool safe from slips and falls.

Visual Interest

Besides being functional, pavers are a great material for creating a unique and visually stunning area around your new custom gunite pool. Brick and stone pavers come in so many shapes, colors and textures that the only limit to how amazing your new pool patio will look, is your imagination. 

For More Information on a Custom Gunite Pool Design and Installation in the Grosse Pointe Shores Area

Gunite pools are a really great way to make your backyard in Grosse Pointe Shores a summertime paradise. Combine them with an amazing brick paver patio, and you will have the backyard that all of your neighbors, friends and family will want to visit. If you are ready for a new pool and a beautiful paver pool deck in Grosse Pointe Shores, AVC Services is your one stop for pool and patio installation. For more information on our  services, or to schedule a free custom gunite pool design and installation estimate, please call us today at 248-648-5899.