4 Reasons Why Franklin Residents Love Brick Paved Driveways

Franklin Brick Paver Driveway Design & InstallationAs a homeowner in Franklin, there’s always something you want to do to improve your property.
One place that’s often overlooked is the driveway. After all, it’s not like you’ll be hosting events or entertaining guests there. But neglecting your driveway is not a good move, especially since you see it every day. It’s also one of the first things anyone passing by your house in Franklin will see so it has to look good.

And when it comes to creating a driveway that is visually appealing, nothing comes close to brick pavers. Compared to other options like concrete or tarmac, here’s why brick paved driveways are superior.

Brick paved driveways are long lasting.

Bricks go through a special process that makes them very tough and durable for use on a driveway. They’re laid on a screen bed that can be made of sand or fine gravel. As soon as they are all laid and bedded into the appropriate pattern, they are then interlocked with sand to make sure that it becomes rock solid. This process makes them ideal for long term use. When weight from vehicles rolls over the driveway, the weight is distributed between the surface of brick and the bedding. This helps the bricks hold the weight without cracking.

Brick paved driveways are less likely to have water damage.

Since the bricks have a strong foundation of sand and gravel base, this will permit water from the surface to percolate between the bricks. This then makes it easier to have the water absorbed by the substrate below. Therefore, it is less likely to cause any water damage in terms of freezing, cracking or splitting as compared to concrete and tarmac.

Brick paved driveways are low-maintenance.

Like any other feature, there still has to be some cleaning and maintenance involved. Regular checks and clean-ups make any hardscape structure last for years without any issues. With brick paved driveways, cleaning is as easy as using a pressure washer to blast away any build-up of moss or other material. Also, you won’t have to be on the lookout for small cracks to repair since the bricks are resistant to cracking.

If a little bit of maintenance still sounds like a hassle, you can always call up a professional hardscape  / landscape design and installation company to schedule regular maintenance checks throughout the year.

Brick pavers come in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

The best thing about brick pavers is that they are durable, functional and of course, appealing. They come in a variety of options for home and business owners. You can choose the size, texture, and color to match your property’s theme. This versatility makes them ideal for creating a driveway with personality.

For more information on a brick paver driveway in Franklin, Michigan

The best way to get a brick paved driveway is by hiring competent professionals to do it for you. Get in touch with AVC Services II, Inc. to see how they can help you. As hardscaping specialists, they can design and build the perfect brick paver driveway that will make your Franklin property stand out. Give them a call today at (248) 648-5899