The Dangers of a Sunken Paver Path in Farmington Hills, MI

Sunken pavers in your Farmington Hills home’s paver sidewalks and paths are a big problem. Not only do sunken pavers make your home look messy, but pavers that have dipped and heaved can create safety issues for you, your family, and friends. There are hidden dangers lying beneath the surface of your sidewalk that if not repaired can cause even more damage to your home or landscape. Here are some problems that we can resolve by repairing your uneven paver sidewalk or path.

Standing Water

Standing water is a huge problem for homes and for paver sidewalks in Farmington Hills. Unfortunately, we often install sidewalks and paths in the places where water is most likely to pool. You know, right below gutters and along the side of your home. If your path is below your gutters or along the side of your home, chances are good that the dips and heaves in your sidewalk have been caused by water. Pooling water in your paver sidewalks and paths can allow water to sit close to your home’s foundation, which can eventually lead to foundation cracking and shifting. If you have problems with standing water on your paver sidewalk, it’s time to have it repaired. This fix includes removing all of the pavers in the area of the pooling water, re-grading the material underneath and resetting your pavers. To complement this repair, it’s good idea to make sure your gutters are clean and in good condition.

Shifting Landscape

Your paver path or sidewalk is likely next to some part of your landscaping such as lawn or gardens. When your path or sidewalk begins to sink and shift, this can also cause your landscaping to move as well. Not only does this shifting of your landscape look messy and unkempt, but it can also cause things like dirt from gardens to pile on paver sidewalks and paths, and grass to grow in between your pavers. Neither of these are good for your paver path. They can cause damage to your pavers or create additional shifting, due to plant roots growing under pavers. Like with standing water, the best repair is to have the effected pavers removed, the base releveled and the pavers reinstalled. To help eliminate this condition from reoccurring, it’s important to make sure that when repairs are made, a good stable edging is installed between the sidewalk and landscape, before the pavers are laid.

Trips and Falls

Did you know that the majority of homeowner insurance claims, related to injury, are due to slips, trips, and falls? A paver path or sidewalk that has started to sink or heave can not only damage your Farmington Hills home and landscape, but become a hazard to you, your family and visitors to your home. Pavers that have shifted are easy for people to trip on or stub their toes. Trips can lead to serious injury that your homeowner’s insurance may end up covering, if a visitor is injured at your home. It’s important to make sure that you make timely repairs of your paver sidewalks and pathways when you notice sinking and heaving. Keeping pavers flat and level keeps you, your family and visitors safe and sound.

Paver sidewalks and walkways are great features for your Farmington Hills home. They add a touch of class and give your home a unique look. When they are well cared for, paver sidewalks and paths can last for years and years, adding value to your home.

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