Creating a Beautiful Stand-Alone Outdoor Living Space in Oakland County

Pergola, Kitchen, Outdoor Living Space in Birmingham, MIThere is a common misconception that your outdoor living space needs to be attached to your home and patio. While this is a common way to create a convenient outdoor room, if you have the space, a stand-alone room in another part of your Oakland County yard can give you a private retreat, or expand your potential entertaining space. If you are looking for more ways to make your home’s yard perfect for entertaining, here are some great features for a stand-alone living space.

A Great Patio

This is a good place to start with your outdoor living space design. If you are thinking about adding a stand-alone living space, you need to consider a low maintenance, and stable base. Brick pavers are a great option for your stand-alone patio. They are easy to maintain, and when installed by a professional like AVC Services, are a long lasting and beautiful option for your hardscape. Another reason that we like using brick pavers is that they come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Brick pavers have come a long way from the pavers of the past. They are versatile and are easy to fit into any design and with any existing exterior features. A quality base will allow you to create other amazing features for your outdoor living space without concern that they will last and look great, as well.

Walls and a Roof

One of the nice things about stand-alone living spaces for your backyard, is that they don’t have to have walls or a roof. If you are attaching an outdoor living space to your home, you have to work around existing features of your home, like walls and patio roofs. A stand-alone living space can be as open or as closed in as you want. Brick paver retaining walls are a great way to add some structure to your outdoor living space, without making it feel closed off. Retaining walls can be short and incorporate features like benches and planters that keep your stand-alone outdoor room feeling like a room, but still part of the outdoors. Brick retaining walls can also be a great foundation for a pergola or as the support for fabric sunshades or covers. If you want to keep your space open, and don’t want a retaining wall, pillars for pergolas or other support pillars can be improved with brick paver bases. These bases will protect your “roof” from the elements and create a longer lasting, low-maintenance support for your patio cover.

The Extras

Once you’ve installed your base patio, and decided if you want walls and a roof for your stand-alone outdoor living space, you can start thinking about the extras. One thing to keep in mind when designing a stand-alone space is the proximity to things like water and electricity. If you have those things figured out, then the sky is the limit for the extras that we can add to your stand-alone living space. A popular feature for these spaces is a fire pit. Fire pits make a nice center piece for seating and allow you to use this beautiful new space for longer in the fall and earlier in the spring. You may also want to include a water feature such as a small fountain or water fall, to turn your stand-alone living space into a peaceful retreat in your yard. Other possibilities include a small cooking area, functional lighting, and built-in seating features.

Outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming the must-have feature for Oakland County homes. They allow you to move your entertaining and summer living outside, keeping guests and traffic inside your house to a minimum. If you already have a great living space on your patio, it’s time to consider a stand-alone, outdoor living room for additional space and a place of tranquility in your yard.

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