Unique Features for Your Outdoor Living Space in Birmingham, Michigan                                      

Pergola, Kitchen, Outdoor Living Space in Birmingham, MISo you’ve designed the perfect outdoor living space, you’ve got a good seating area, a plan for a great kitchen, and your patio ties perfectly in with your pool area. But is your space unique, or is it just like the typical space you might see in a magazine? You are spending your hard earned money to update your outdoor living space for your Birmingham home, so it should be more than just a snapshot from a magazine. AVC Services loves to help their customers in Birmingham create amazing outdoor spaces. If you are looking for something special, here are some ideas for unique features for your new outdoor space.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a great option for outdoor living spaces in Birmingham. It is easy to maintain and gives your outdoor space a natural and organic look. You can always choose a simple, neutral color for your natural stone, or you can choose unique stone types like slate that come in a variety of colors and appearances. You can use natural stone on your patio, pool features, and your outdoor kitchen. Many customers like to use natural stone to create waterfalls and water features for their outdoor living area. Natural stone in water features weathers well, and generally requires less maintenance than brick pavers. Another great feature of natural stone is that it can easily tie into your existing features, the color of your home, and your other landscaping features.

Wet Bar

An outdoor kitchen is a great feature, and it is a great place for your guests to hang out. So why not up your kitchen game and add a great wet bar? Wet bars for your outdoor living area are a great feature for entertaining. Make sure that you include a small refrigerator for soda and condiments, and a keg fridge for fresh beer on tap. Nothing makes an outdoor bar the place to hang out like a television. If you are thinking about adding a bar, don’t forget to add a TV and sound system. You’ll have the perfect sports bar, without ever having to leave your home.

Secret Hideaways

This is a great feature if you have a larger yard and are looking to spread out your outdoor living space. Use paver or stone walkways to create a path to a quiet sitting area that is away from the crowd. These spaces are perfect for getting away from the stress of the day, and having a quiet place to read a book, or just relax. Add a small pond with a fountain to create a serene place to rejuvenate your mind. These secret hideaways are also a great way to create a space unique from the rest of your outdoor living areas. Create a small room using a pergola and antique windows, and a patio of vintage style pavers, giving the feel of an old fashioned sun room or garden gazebo.

For More Information on Outdoor Living Spaces in Birmingham, MI

Outdoor living spaces are a great addition to your Birmingham home. If you are looking to add features that make your space unique and individualized, the design experts at AVC Services know just what it takes to make your space great. We are booking spring and summer projects, so call us at (248) 648-5899 to book your free consultation.