Masonry Repairs: Making Your Brick Features Look Like New in Birmingham, MI

The brick features of your home in Birmingham, MI, including the brick on your house, brick facing on pillars and mailboxes, and your home’s fireplaces are some of the most valuable features you have. And while they are meant to last a long time, they do from time to time require repair. Michigan’s weather extremes can be hard on exterior masonry features, and often we are hired to repair masonry features that were not installed to meet the demands of our state’s hot and cold swings. If your Birmingham area home’s masonry features need repair, here are some steps that we can take to make them look great and stand up to the weather extremes of southeast Michigan.

New Footings

Footings are the base of all of your exterior masonry features. It includes the brick on your home, brick pillars, or the brick around mailboxes. When we are asked to repair failing brick features by our clients, one of the first things we check is to see if adequate footings have been poured for the feature. The freeze-thaw patterns here in Michigan demand that footings be dug at least 42 inches into the ground. This ensures that as surface soils freeze and thaw, your masonry features won’t move. Movement in your brick can lead to cracking, loose bricks, or in the worst case, complete failure of your brick features. Placing new footings can be an expensive repair for your brick features, but in the long run it can save you money in more expensive complete replacement.


Repointing has become a popular DIY project, but one that is best left to the experts, if you want to avoid potential damages to your home’s brick features. Repointing is the process of removing and replacing mortar in between bricks that has started to recede, crumble and crack. This is probably the most common masonry repair that homeowners in Birmingham, MI look for when their brick features need updating. For newer homes, this process is as simple as chiseling out the old mortar, removing any dirt and debris in places where the mortar was missing, and then placing new mortar. However, for older homes, especially those that were built before World War II, there are special mortar mixtures that are similar to those used in the original construction that should be used instead of modern mortar mixtures.

Brick Replacement

This can be a tricky process, especially if we are replacing damaged or missing bricks in features that are part of some of the amazing historic homes in the Birmingham, MI area. The process for removing and replacing broken bricks or putting in a replacement brick where one has gone missing is fairly easy. The challenge that we often face when replacing missing or broken bricks is finding a good match. Many building materials are only manufactured for a few years, before a new texture, color or shape becomes popular. If your home’s brick feature has older brick, it can be a challenge to find an exact match. Often, we will have to find a replacement that is close, but not exact, to make the repair in your home’s brick feature.

For More Information on Brick and Masonry Repairs in the Birmingham, MI Area

Keeping your home’s exterior brick features looking great is an important part of maintaining your home in Birmingham. If you have masonry features that are in need of repair, AVC Services II, Inc. masonry repair experts have the answers to make your brick features look great again. To schedule a free  estimate for masonry or brick paver repair, call us today at (248) 648-5899.